Will-Dor Ranch
Niton Junction, Alberta, Canada
Ethically & Sustainably Raised, GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef & Other Meats, No Added Hormones or Steroids.  'Premium Quality Direct To You'

WELCOME to Will-Dor Ranch!

Our goal is to provide customers with sustainably and ethically raised premium, GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef and Beef Products, as well as other meat products such as chicken and pork. Whole Lamb is available by request only and generally in August and in the fall of the year. And now available on a regular basis, Free Run Grain Fed Eggs!

We are on a farm near Niton Junction, Alberta, Canada. Will-Dor Ranch practices Regenerative Agriculture where the animals are rotated through small pastures thereby grazing on lush grass all the time and fertilizing and incorporating the fertilizer into the ground as they move. Animals are free of growth enhancing hormones, added antibiotics and steroids. When properly prepared, our GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef, Beef Products and other meat products will provide you with a unique cooking experience and an unforgettable taste experience. When properly prepared, it may just be some of the best meat you'll ever eat.

For your safety, all meat products are processed according to Alberta Regulations at a provincially inspected facility under the provincial meat authority, an abattoir. Here, animals are inspected when they arrive to make sure they are healthy and in good body condition. A provinicial meat inspector is present when the animals are slaughtered and when the meat is cut and wrapped. An inspector must be present before any processing begins. Because we use a provincially inspected facility you are able to enjoy our beef by the piece, freezer packs, half or whole animals.

We have been raising top quality beef for over 20 years, and have focused on the popular, Black Angus Cattle, for the last 10 plus years. More recently, we have changed our finishing practices to include alfalfa thereby producing GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef. They can be called Angus because they have at least 50% Angus genetics.

Will-Dor Ranch also has Free Run Grain Fed Eggs. Please visit the 'About Us' and 'Products' Pages to learn more about this product and how it is produced.

Check out the 'Blog' page. You'll find the answer to many commonly asked questions about our products and why we do things the way we do, as well as recipes and of course some personal opinions.

Feel free to browse our site. Should you wish more information, please go to 'Contact Us' You can also find us at www.facebook.com/will-dorranch/ or email directly to will-dor@xplornet.com..

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Just wanted to thank you again. Everything is topnotch! Very Good! (Chris from Leduc)

Wow! This brisket turned out absolutely amazing! I will definitely be getting meat from you guys from now on. (Joseph)

Beef from Will-Dor Ranch is amazing. We even warmed up steaks the day after and they were juicy and tender. (Jill)

I know I'll need lots of hamburger, I ended up getting regular from the store, it was awful, truly awful. We're spoiled now, we want the good stuff. (Nichole)

We had the New York Strip Steaks the other day. The men LOVED them! Pretty tasty. That's why our guest requested another to take home with him. It takes alot to impress him when it comes to meats. (Shannon)

Beef from Will-Dor Ranch is the best around. (Reggie)

We had burgers with ground beef from Will-Dor Ranch last night. They were so good. I never use anything but a pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper when making burgers with Will-Dor Ranch ground beef because it's so good. (Donna)

Had some new friends over for a BBQ. One of them prides himself on being quite good at it. He thought that Fred had ground up steaks for the burgers! You have new fans! (Dana)

Love your Ground Beef. No fat, doesn't shrink when cooked. No excess water! And most of all tastes great! (Donna)

Doris! I don't know how you do it but the ground beef is sooo lean, I even have to add a bit of olive oil. It's amazing! (Ian)

If you would like to enjoy the unique cooking and taste experience of Will-Dor Ranch's meats, just viist the 'Contact Us' Page and send us your list, or ask for a quote. Join the many who enjoy GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef, Pork, Chicken and Eggs from Will-Dor Ranch.


   WILL-DOR RANCH Offers You Ethically & Sustainably Raised, Grass Fed                  Angus Beef and Beef Products, Free Run Grain Fed Eggs,                                     Pork & Chicken                      

'Premium Quality Direct To You'